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First pictures from the Amiganoid 2011 (Update 3)
The Amiganoid 2011 is taking place in Essen (Germany) today. On Gero Birkenfeld's website you can already find some picture galleries from the event.

Update: (19:26, 17.09.11, snx)
Now two videos from the meeting have been uploaded to Youtube.

Update 2: (00:00, 18.09.11, cg)
THe team behind the Amiga podcast Boingsworld was attending the meeting aswell and took pictures aswell: gallery on Facebook, download as a ZIP file (85 MB)

Update 3: (23:00, 19.09.11, cg)
More pictures have been released by AmigaGTI and Mika. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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