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AmIRC Open Source Team (ANF)

AmIRC: Source code released under GPL (3rd Update)
In 2009 the rights for putting it under an open source license have been transfered to Costel Mincea and subsequently the sources have been released in early 2012 under the GPL license to enable a larger open source team to continue the development of AmIRC for all available Amiga-based operating systems (AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS, AROS).

One of the projects main aim is to unify the previously scattered AmIRC development again which had been splitted into multiple hands over the past years. Therefore every talented Amiga developer regardless for which Amiga-based system he develops is gratefully invited to join the project

Update: (08:56, 11.01.12, snx)
Editor's note: The source code published is the one of the AmigaOS 4 fork by Costel Mincea, Jens Langner and Thore Böckelmann. The developers of the MorphOS & AmigaOS 3.x version, Nicolas Sallin, Harry Sintonen and Jacek Piszczek however consider release of the source code to be in violation of their copyright. On the other hand AmIRC Open Source Team affirms its legitimacy.

2nd Update: (16:44, 11.01.12, snx)
Editor's note: As we have been told by the authors of the MorphOS version, the source code published does also contain parts programmed by them. Since no licence would exist for those, basic copyright would apply. Thus, without all authors' consent, publishing of the source code under GPL would not be possible. Therefore, the link to source code has been removed from the news-item.

3rd Update: (18:19, 12.01.12, snx)
Editor's note: meanwhile got hold of the IRC log in which the original author of AmIRC, Oliver Wagner, announces to hand-over the source code and tells Costel Mincea, that he may do with it whatever he wants. Explicitely requesting if this does also include publishing under GPL, this is confirmed again. Thus obviously there is a communication problem between the original author and the developers of the MorphOS version about the legal state of their contributions. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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