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Aminet-Uploads until 21.01.2012
The following packages have been added to the Aminet until 21.01.2012:
HTTPResumeSP.lha         comm/www   4K        HTTPResume v1.9 spanish catalog
nc2sdl.lha               dev/c      173K  68k convert from Ncurses to SDL 
modifyle.lha             dev/gui    90K   68k brand new filerequester library
openxui.lha              dev/gui    168K  68k open source GUI-Library in/fo...
libaiff.lha              dev/lib    147K  OS4 Read/write aiff files
libbme_68k.lha           dev/lib    869K  68k SDL MULTIMEDIA ENGINE lib
libfaac.i386-aros.tar... dev/lib    159K  x86 Freeware Advanced Audio Coder
libfaad2.i386-aros.ta... dev/lib    1.0M  x86 Freeware Advanced Audio Decoder
libogg.i386-aros.tar.bz2 dev/lib    82K   x86 Library for handling OGG files
libsge_68k.lha           dev/lib    4.0M  68k SDL Graphics Extension
libsge2d.lha             dev/lib    6.9M  68k SDL game engine
libvorbis.i386-aros.t... dev/lib    866K  x86 Libraries for handling Ogg Vo...
FlexCatSP.lha            dev/misc   3K        FlexCat v2.9 spanish catalog
diskimage.i386-aros.t... disk/misc  342K  x86 Disk image device (adf,dms,is...
diskimage.m68k-aos.ta... disk/misc  149K  68k Disk image device (adf,dms,ip...
bofh-68k.lha             game/actio 1.3M  68k reclaim control of the hostag...
amigang.lha              game/misc  1.7M  68k four amiga games
alienblaster-68k.lha     game/shoot 3.2M  68k blast the aliens
imbiss_os4.lha           game/wb    1.3M  OS4 Buy and sell hamburgers
GSGuiSP.lha              gfx/conv   4K        GSGui v0.38 spanish catalog
exif-m68k.lha            gfx/misc   106K  68k shows EXIF information inside...
oricutron.lha            misc/emu   1.1M  MOS Oric-1 / Atmos emulator
DigiBooster3_DE.lha      mus/edit   2K        Unofficial German catalog for...
GoatTracker_68k.lha      mus/edit   1.1M  68k c64 music editor
EvenMore.lha             text/show  515K  68k V0.73: Proportional font text...
TinyLauncher.lzh         util/misc  237K  68k WHDLoad frontend and more
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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