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31.Jan.2012 (Webseite)

jAMOS: AMOS-Reimplementation in Java
jAMOS is a Java-based reimplementation for the Basic dialect AMOS. Alpha version 0.1 now is available.

The same author published before with jAMAL the AMOS Animation Language under Java.

The available alpha version 0.1 only support parts of the AMOS-commands. jAMOS is open source.

  • BASIC-like interpreter based on MequaScript
  • AMAL interpreter from jAMAL written in Java
  • Script editor utilising Java Swing
  • AMAL-to-Java code translator and compiler
  • Source is buildable in Eclipse and NetBeans IDE out of the box
  • Runnable from a single JAR file
  • Reimplemented AMAL Environment Generator
  • Rudimentary Amiga-style screen and scrolling engine
  • Integrated AMOS sprite bank viewer (AbkViewer)
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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