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22.Jul.2012 (Webseite)

AROS: AEROS-Distribution R3 and AresOne 2012
Pascal Papara's AROS-distribution AEROSis available in version R3 (screenshot, video).

His complete PC-system AresOne also was updated which can be ordered at Vesalia. The basic model now already includes a Nvidia-8400 graphic board in order to be able using 3D-acceleration.

New features of the AEROS-version R3:
  • PowerOff, reboot from Quickstarter (AROS side)
  • ScummVM games
  • New Jabberwocky
  • JanusUAE 1.2 incl. AROS Vision 68k Distro from Olaf Schönweiß (Video)
  • Removed non-working stuff
  • Fixed 1941Extreme causing a hard crash of Quickstarter
  • Added removable_media device to access "removable media"
  • K3B has been replaced by Xfburn (lightweight burning tool)
  • Added gparted (easy partitioning)
  • Changed Installer to a graphical one which calls gparted and allows now also to choose locales before installing
  • Added gmrun (linux quicklauncher)
  • Added Transmission (for downloading future releases of AEROS)
  • Added Terminator as main Terminal (allows to run multiple terminal sessions in one window)
  • Added Hurrican (use grandr - also newly added - to change resolution to 640x480 to get fullscreen)
  • Added two games to ScummVM (AROS): Beneath a steel sky and Drascula
As live-DVD AEROS R3 starts with best available screen solution. After the installation on harddrive a graphic board driver and then also a different screen solution can be chosen.

Download: AEROS_r3.iso (2 GB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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