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Olaf Schönweiß (ANF)

AROS: 68k-Distribution AROS Vision 1.5.2
Olaf Schönweiß has updated his AROS/68k-distribution. It is a mix of AROS and AmigaOS software (English tutorial). Additional to the AROS-files from 4th August version 1.5.2 includes the following changes:

  • Wazp3D
  • Codesets.library
  • Openurl.library
  • MCC Betterstring
  • MCC NList
  • MCC Texteditor
  • MCC TheBar
  • icon.library
  • camd.library
  • DOpus Magellan (Thank you to Jason for help, GPSoft for permission to include Magellan in it and Jan for permission to use the amikit-version)
  • "Safe" is for virus-protection included in startup
  • MakeCD
  • Additional includes in Amiblitz
  • AmiTwitter
  • Foxgui.library
  • Eagui.library
  • AmiSoxGui
  • AntiwordGUI
  • ZXLife
  • Additional Shortcuts
  • And a number of other GUIs, Prefs and additions to Tools, Utilities and Internet
Olaf Schönweiß pointed out that the included versions of Magellan and Scalos have been not optimized. Wanderer still is the standard.

Additionally he has updated his compatibility site as well. It is based on WinUAE and the Kickstart-replacement-ROMs (from 4th August). Results of different versions of UAE should be similar, feedback is very welcome. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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