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Jim Neray (ANF)

Workbench replacement: X-bEnCH 0.6 (beta)
X-bEnCh is an Amiga game launcher & more. In a 128 colors display (ECS compatible), this frontend can autoscan your hard-drive to find your WHDLoad games or your .exe files and organize them in launching listings. X-bEnCh also has an integrated CLI fully compatible with the Workbench CLI feature.

  • A New Amigaguide full doc.
  • Fixed some files check on startup that were wrongs.
  • Now pressing the "Del" Key when startup will cancel the X-bEnCh loading.
  • Now display the release number under the X-bEnCh startup logo.
  • Now working with a temp dir to leave the Ram free.
  • New scroll text "Credits screen".
  • Launcher Reactivity optimisations and lighter code.
  • FastJump added. Now simply use your keyboard's key to jump where you want.
  • MegaRam option Added. Can save from 34kb up to 136 kb of ram.
  • Now return where you was before, after leaving a game.
  • Now before loading a .slave/.exe, check if exist a .xbs script and use it if exist.
  • Now autoscan the tool types of WhdLoad. If none found, use the default tooltypes you've set in the setup screen.
  • Now display the number of files in the listing, right to the listing name in the launcher.
  • Now in the launcher, a short push on the 2nd joy button will switch between your listings and a long push will escape to the main menu.
  • Now the game name in the loading screen is truncated and centered.
  • Big fail fixed in the cLi.
  • Added the "help" command to the cLi to list all the extra X-bEnCh cLi commands availables.
  • Added the "resetxset" command to the cLi. Really useful to clean up a buggy install of X-bEnCh.
  • Now the subdirectorys level scan is unlimited.
  • Now the listings are 3 time lighters than with the previous release.
  • Now listings are of real unlimited size.
  • Now ending a path with a "/" in the setup will work as same as without.
  • Now display the number of files added to a listing when updating in the setup.
  • No more create a bugged list when there's nothing to add to the list in the choosed path.
  • Xsetup executable is 25% lighter.
  • Fixed a small palette bug when leaving the setup.
  • Sometime the setup exit on a black screen.. Fixed.
  • Preload switch added as a whdload global option.
  • Display switch added as a whdload global option (Switch PAL/NTSC).
  • Cache switch added as a whdload global option.
  • MMU switch added as a whdload global option.
  • AutoVec switch added as a whdload global option.
  • Music switch added as a Launchers global option (Switch On/Off).
  • MegaRam switch added as a Launcher global option.
Update: (20:56, 10.09.12, snx)
Meanwhile also a video of version 0.6 has been released. (snx)

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