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Jim Neray (ANF)

Workbench replacement: X-bEnCH 0.7 (beta version)
X-bEnCH is a graphical user-interace with 128 colours which replaces the Workbench for starting WHDLoad-games (.slave, .exe).

According to the developer the programm works with all Amigas (OCS, AGA) equipped with 68000 to 68060 processor and requires few virtual memory.

  • Start faster than with the previous release
  • Added a roto-starfield effect in the background of the main menu
  • Now autoscan your keymap type (QWERTY, QWERTZ or AZERTY) and correctly assign the keys to the FastJump feature
  • You can now disable the unused listing with the setup
  • Added a rainbow effect to the title name of the displayed list in the launcher
  • Launcher reactivity optimisation
  • CLI fixed in many cases but maybe still buggy in some cases...
  • Now the name of a listing can be up to 8 character long (5 previously)
  • Now in the setup save the name of the listings if you change it either if you don't have updated any list
  • Fixed many ugly visual bugs when opening/closing the display
  • Fixed a redisplay bug in the Menuscreen and the launcher screen
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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