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Heinz-Raphael Reinke (ANF)

AROS: New DevPak for AmiDevCpp
The last AROS-DevPak for AmiDevCpp ( reported on it) all system-includes and linker-libraries were included but most of the contrib-includes and linker-libraries were missing. In this version now all these files are included.

What is AmiDevCpp?

AmiDevCpp is an Integrated Cross Platform Development Environment for Windows, that helps you to comfortable develop C/C++ Applications for the AmigaOS (m68k), AmigaOS4 (PPC), MorphOS(PPC) and for AROS (i386, ppc and x86_64). In the best case, you can just select another Compilerset and compile the same program for different Platforms.

What is a DevPak?

DevPaks are Archives, that contains Includes and Linker Libraries for some Libraries. Those files are installed and deinstalled automatically by the AmiDevCpp Package Manager:
  • AROS-i386
  • AROS-x86_64
  • AROS-ppc
Download-Link (snx) (Translation: dr)

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