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Retro-Gaming: WHDLoad 17.1
With WHDLoad you can install games, scene demos and intros on your harddrive which originally could only be used from disks. Additionally several incompatibilities with new Amiga models were fixed.

Today the final version 17.1 has been released. Additionally since our last message with Antideluvian Sloppy Spectacle (Essence), created by BlackWine (info, image) a new package was uploaded.

Changes in version 17.1:
  • Fix: Formatting of termination reason string in register dump fixed on very long texts (Psygore)
  • Fix: If the vbr is moved by WHDLoad the interrupts of levels 4-6 (vectors $70..$78) are directly forwarded to the installed program now, in previous releases all the sanity checks and checks for the keyboard were done in each interrupt which has increased the latency and duration of the interrupts, now these checks are only performed in interrupt levels 1-3 or if the option CheckInts/S is used for all levels it seems that the increased amount of code put into the interrupts by the later WHDLoad versions has caused problems with several games, this is hopefully fixed now and these games will work with the current WHDLoad as good as with versions 16.8 or 16.9
  • Fix: On a 68020 the default cache setup was instruction cache enable, this bug has been introduced in version 17.0, now the default is again disabled (Toni Wilen)
  • Chg: The icon started from is only written if any gadget has been pressed, previously it were written everytime if Config or Expert was active (Graham)
  • Fix: Prevented a bug when FileLog/S will be disabled via the splash window
  • New: Resload_DiskLoad can now dump all read files, see autodoc
  • New: SnoopOCS/ECS/AGA/S checks also that writes to custom.aud*ptr are not outside BaseMem and are not equal zero, check is only performed on 68060 (Psygore)
  • Chg: WHDLoad now detects a filesize difference between the directory scan used for resload_Examine/ExNext requested by WHDLF_Examine and the file PreLoad, this may reveal filesystem problems in conjunction with dos.ExAll, e.g. ffs 39.x (issue #2575)
  • Chg: Documentation regarding patch lists in include and autodoc files improved
  • Fix: On chip memory only machines with Kickstart 3.0 or better slaves with WHDLF_Examine failed on building the directory cache due problems with exec.CreatePool (Psygore)
WHDLoad_usr.lha (1 MB)
WHDLoad_usr_small.lha (782 KB)
WHDLoad_dev.lha (3 MB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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