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Aminet-Uploads until 06.10.2012
The following archives have been uploaded until 06.10.2012 to the Aminet:
facts.lha                comm/tcp   247K  68k NTP clock time synchroniser A...
Blitz_lisp.lha           dev/basic  10K   68k lisp lib dev kit for Blitz.
libmpg123.lha            dev/lib    870K  OS4 Library for decoding mpeg aud...
libvgmstream.lha         dev/lib    5.0M  OS4 Library for decoding video ga...       dev/src    4K    68k Text drawing inside a default...
pfs3ks13.lha             disk/misc  76K   68k PFS3 for KS1.X
anaiis.lha               driver/oth 222K  68k ANAIIS USB Stack Release 1.06
anaiis_boot.lha          driver/oth 199K  68k ANAIIS USB Boot disk Release ...
anaiis_hostusb.lha       driver/oth 130K  68k ANAIIS libusb support for WinUAE
Retrobattle.lha          game/jump  7.3M  x86 Retrobattle
retrobattle.src-aros.lha game/jump  5.3M      Retrobattle sources
neverball-os4-bin.lha    game/misc  47M   OS4 Neverball / Neverputt (Ball g...
Colorit.lha              game/wb    33K   68k Try to match the displayed pa...
Hexit.lha                game/wb    34K   68k Try to match an hexagonal sha...
Tri_It.lha               game/wb    34K   68k Try to match a triangular pat...
X-OutST.lha              mods/cust  50K   68k Custom modules from "X-Out" (...
vgmstream_tnplug.lha     mus/play   481K  OS4 VGMStream plugin for TuneNet
wsr_tnplug.lha           mus/play   105K  OS4 Wonderswan (.wsr) plugin for ...
Scriba_0.9.0.lha         text/edit  6.8M  MOS Simple word processing softwa...
midtofront.i386-aros.... util/cdity 21K   x86 MidToFront for AROS
DrawerBall.lha           util/dir   2.5M  MOS Directory and files tool
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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