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03.Nov.2012 (Webseite)

Video: Trevor Dickinson (A-Eon) about AmigaOne X1000, Warp 3D and LibreOffice
Robert Bernardo has recorded Trevor Dickinson's presentation on the AmiWest 2012 (18.-21. October, Sacramento) and uploaded it to (requires Flash) and IntuitionBase. Here is a little summary of the speech.

AmigaOne X1000

Currently the third production run is made. Until January all computers will be delivered to the customers. Dickinson called that a "probably last production run". He said that there is no shortage of PASemi-CPUs - but they cost 975 US-Dollar which makes the production of further computers unlikely.

Dickinson explained that the current production makes a loss of 475 US-Dollar on each computer.

Further PPC-based motherboards

Nonetheless there are plans for new hardware. In future processors made by Freescale will be used. A "Mid-Range-Product" with a Quadcore-CPU with 1,5 Ghz is considered as well as a "High-Level-Product" with a Dualcore-processor with 2.2 Ghz. But it will still take some time before it will be ready for the market.


Thomas Frieden was introduced as chief operator for the LibreOffice-port but Dickinson several time mentioned the "Friedens". Currently it is spare time project. The development was started one month ago. Results can be expected only in distant future. The finished port is supposed to be sold, "probably" as package with other software.

Warp 3D-driver for Radeon HD

For Radeon HD 5000/6000 graphic boards currently Warp 3D-drivers are deevloped. Dickinson had hoped to present the finished drivers on the AmiWest but he expects the drivers to be released soon. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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