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19.Nov.2012 (Webseite)

Windows: WinUAE game management iGame for Windows (beta version)
The game management "iGame for Windows" is inspired by the WHDLoad extension of the same name and makes it possible to start a game with WinUAE (Screenshot).

Features currently include:
  • Recursive folder scanning for your games.
  • Storage of all game titles found in a local database.
  • Use screenshots, music and extras from GameBase Amiga, if found. They are displayed on the right hand side for each game.
  • Launch the selected game in WinUAE (with the selected UAE configuration) with a simple double-click.
  • Music playback using the bundled XMPlay player, or alternatively DeliPlayer2 if it’s found installed.
  • Search for selected game in well-known related websites (LemonAmiga, HOL).
  • Live filtering of games from the list, depending on your search text.
  • Multi-disk game handling (utilizing the DiskSwapper feature of WinUAE).
  • Option to show only unique game Titles (default) or all files found.
The following features are planned to be included later on:
  • Support WHDLoad games (scanning, launching, metadata), besides just ADF/ADZ/ZIP/IPF.
  • Fetch game metadata from various websites and store them locally for each game.
  • Edit game metadata like screenshots, music, selected UAE config, information etc.
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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