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Aminet-Uploads until 08.12.2012
The following files have been uploaded until 08.12.2012 to the Aminet:
LuettjeBookholler.lha    biz/misc   382K  OS4 Little Personal Finanz program
dogma12.lha              docs/mags  43M       Russian magazine,HTML vers. (...
FourPlayerGames_DE.pdf   docs/misc  77K       Games supporting 4 joysticks ...
FourPlayerGames_EN.pdf   docs/misc  75K       List of games supporting four...
openbor.i386-aros.lha    game/actio 994K  x86 OpenBOR - Beats of Rage engine
openbor.src-aros.lha     game/actio 4.4M      OpenBOR sources
cavestory.i386-aros.lha  game/jump  1.7M  x86 Cave Story (NXEngine)
cavestory.src-aros.tgz   game/jump  595K      NXEngine sources
duke3dw.i386-aros.lha    game/shoot 1.3M  x86 Duke3dw
yquake2.i386-aros.lha    game/shoot 2.3M  x86 Yamagi Quake II for AROS
yquake2.ppc-mos.lha      game/shoot 2.1M  MOS Yamagi Quake II for MorphOS
yquake2.src.tgz          game/shoot 1.8M      Yamagi Quake II sources
candycrisis.i386-aros... game/think 5.8M  x86 Candy Crisis
candycrisis.src-aros.tgz game/think 535K      Candy Crisis sources
CandyCrisis_68k.lha      game/think 5.5M  68k exciting action puzzler game
webptools_aros.lha       gfx/conv   425K  x86 encode/decode images in WebP ...
fail_68k.lha             gfx/show   647K  68k View & Convert Atari images
mp3gain152_aros.lha      mus/edit   80K   x86 analyzes and adjusts mp3 files
normalize077_aros.lha    mus/edit   136K  x86 adjusting the volume of audio...
opus-tools-0.15_aros.lha mus/edit   381K  x86 Opus Audio Tools
vorbistools140_aros.lha  mus/edit   4.1M  x86 Tools to manipulate Vorbis files
lameAros-3.100a2.lha     mus/misc   1.2M  x86 MP3 encoder for Aros
Annotate_src.lha         text/edit  388K      Text Editor with adv. feature...
Annotate_usr.lha         text/edit  1.2M  MOS Text Editor with advanced fea...
CheckAMiGA.lha           util/boot  23K   68k Check your AMiGA (+ AmigaE So...
CapsTestPPC.lha          util/cli   9K    OS4 Reports caps lock status (for...
DevInfos.lha             util/misc  258K  OS4 Shows many infos about a device
amistatus.lha            util/wb    659K  68k Pop-up notifications and app ...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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