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WHDLoad: New packages until 22.12.2012
With WHDLoad you can install games, demos and intros which originally had to be used from disks on your harddrive. The following installation packages have been added until 22.12.2012:
  • 2012-12-22 new: Colorado (Scoopex) done by Dr Cinicus (Info)
  • 2012-12-19 improved: The way of the Little Dragon (Parsec Software) supports another version, icons added (Info)
  • 2012-12-18 updated: Gunshoot (Micropartner) made compatible with WHDLoad 16.6+, trainer added, highscores saving, new icons and more (Info)
  • 2012-12-17 improved: Harlequin (Gremlin) let options display, improved error detection on 512k version (Info)
  • 2012-12-16 improved: Gold of the Aztecs (U.S.Gold) rewritten, trainer added, second version supported, 2nd joystick button supported (Info)
  • 2012-12-16 improved: Commando (Elite) rewritten, blitwaits added, trainer added, faults fixed, new icons, joypad support (Info)
  • 2012-12-16 new: Hot Music 1 (Ram Jam) done by Dr Cinicus (Info, Image)
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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