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Rupert Hausberger (ANF)

Javascript: Scripted Amiga Emulator 0.8.0
Rupert Hausberger's Scripted Amiga Emulator is written in Javascript and should run in any modern web browser, but currently the best performance can be achieved using Chrome.

Changes in version 0.8.0 (16.01.2013):
  • New online games
    • Alien Breed - Spezial Edition 92
    • Alien Breed 2
    • Lemmings
    • Pinball Fantasies
    • R-Type
    • Rubicon
    • Shadow of the Beast
    • Silkworm
    • Stunt Car Racer
  • Display
    • Ported and optimized playfield-code from WinUAE.
      This adds ECS and AGA support and fixes graphics-errors.
      The AGA part is commented out, because there is no 68020 yet.
    • Added support for drawing via 'Canvas 2D' if 'WebGL' is not avail.
    • Added support for auto-driver detection.
  • Audio
    • While disk access, audio performance is much better now.
    • Added support for the A500 lowpass-filter. Not enabled by default.
    • Added support for auto-driver detection.
  • Memory
    • To gain speed, all memory is now accessed directly and not via functions.
      So, don't care for a possible illegal memory access.
    • Fixed bug, where kickstart 1.2 failed to load.
    • Fixed incorrect extended-address bug.
  • CPU
    • Splitted address-types of ADDQ/SUBQ into separate functions for more speed.
    • Added bus-read/write cycles tables. For internal use only.
  • CIA
    • I decided to port the latest cia-code from WinUAE while i was trying to find a bug.
      Well, the bug is still there. Let's keep the code nevertheless.
  • GUI
    • Added info box of supported drivers.
    • Added a 'Chipset'-section and various options.
    • Packed the main GUI.
  • Common
    • Added support for easy URL sharing. E.g. to show the Multica-demo to a friend,
      one may send the link ""
      and the demo will start immediately. (thanks mrdoob)
    • Many small optimizations.

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