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Aminet-Uploads until 26.01.2013
The following packages have been added to Aminet until January 26th, 2013:            comm/tcp   1K        netclip client
dmg2iso-morphos.lha      disk/misc  107K  MOS Convert DMG images to ISO              game/think 471K  68k A nice logic game
AlphaQuad.lha            game/wb    32K   68k Place the letters in the righ...
BulGom.lha               game/wb    34K   68k Burst some bubbles!
Flecho.lha               game/wb    29K   68k Point the arrows to the numbers!
Numo.lha                 game/wb    31K   68k Find all pairs of correspondi...
Quetiles.lha             game/wb    32K   68k Change all tiles to one colour!
Roman_Wheel.lha          game/wb    31K   68k Place the numbers in the righ...
SevenHex.lha             game/wb    28K   68k Place 7 pawns on an hexagonal...
Tri_It.lha               game/wb    35K   68k Try to match a triangular pat...
XCenter.lha              game/wb    29K   68k Link from the center to the e...
TSFixer.lha              gfx/misc   36K   68k fix/join/cut (HD) transport s...
flite_device.lha         mus/misc   30M   OS4 Device API based on Flite Spe...
pacplay_68k.lha          mus/play   431K  68k Play & Decode PAC music m...
playOGG.lha              mus/play   5.7M  68k multi format sound player.
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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