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A600 accelerator board F˙ria EC020: Pictures and Benchmarks (Update)
Two years ago, Boris 'Boboo' Krizma from Slovakia presented an Amiga 600 accelerator board that was based on the SEC000AA20 - a low cost variant of Motorola's MC68000. The sources and schematics for the design had been released back then aswell.

Now Krizma is working on a follow-up project called "F˙ria ECF020" that has a 68EC020 CPU (over)clocked at 28 Mhz aswell as onboard FastRAM. The developer is regularly posting status updates to a czech forum. In January, fotos of the current prototype had been posted:

Now Krizma has published some screenshots that show various Benchmark tools running on a A600 equipped with a F˙ria ECF020 (currently there are 4 MB FastRAM installed, but the final product will have more memory):

Update: (13.02.2013, 16:00, cg)

Added bigger versions of the pictures to the news item, thanks to Boris Krizma for providing them. The developer also explains that this product will be commercially distributed and lists some more detailed specifications:
  • MC68EC020FG25 @ 28MHz (overclocked), FPU MC68882 with same clock speed as CPU (may be switched ON/OFF)
  • 8 MB Auto-Config FastRAM, 1,5 MB SlowRAM, 1,5 MB for other purposes
  • Auto switch between 4MB / 8MB FastRAM (depending on the PCMCIA slot being in use or not)
  • CPLD Xilinx XC95144XL
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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