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23.Feb.2013 (Webseite)

MorphOS: Remote Desktop 1.6
For MorphOS, version 1.6 of Darren Eveland's Remote Desktop is available. It was ported by Michał Żukowski. The Remote-Desktop-Protocol developed by Microsoft allows the remote access to some Windows operating systems, among others to Vista and Windows 7.

News and improvements:
  • UTF support including:
    • UTF8 clipboard chunk to RDP (UTF16-LE)
    • RDP (UTF16-LE) to UTF8 clipboard chunk
    • RDP (UTF16-LE) to ID_CHRS clipboard chunk with conversion to local codepage
    • ID_CHRS clipboard chunk to RDP (UTF16-LE) with conversion from local codepage
    • Conversion from/to local codepage to UTF16-LE during disk access operations, user name, password etc.
  • Version string fix
  • Audio (backported from RDesktop 1.5)
  • MorphOS directory mounting under Windows (NETDISK option)
  • Libnix version compiled with GCC4
  • Clone WB mode for automatic fullscreen mode selection
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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