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Jim Neray (ANF)

Amiga game launcher: X-bEnCH 0.85 (beta)
X-bEnCH (Youtube-video) is a graphical user-interface with up to 128 colours for starting WHDLoad games (.slave, .exe). For this purpose, it can replace the Workbench and requires low ressources. According to the developer the programm runs on all Amigas with OCS or AGA (68000 to 68060 processors).

Most important changes in version 0.85 beta:
  • A new installer will setup X-bEnCH for you.
  • Modified files checks on startup.
  • Menu Starfield optimised (Faster with 20% more stars on screen).
  • Checkerboard loader issue with Indivision/HighGfx fixed.
  • "sysinfo" cli command added.
  • "help" cli command updated.
  • The cli tab is now activated in the setup and you can change the cli colors.
  • Many internals checks added.
  • Internal changes to be ready for the future Xplorer alpha-testing.
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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