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MorphZone (Forum)

MorphOS: Doom-Engine Odamex 0.6.2
After the AROS-version, Szilárd 'BSzili' Biró has ported Odamex 0.6.2 for MorphOS as well. Server, a graphical user-interface and Timidity-MIDI-support are still missing.

Odamex is a version of the Doom-engine which combines the features of Boom with some other innovations: The widescreen format is supported and the mouse can be used ("Mouselook"). Additionally, the characters in the games can jump.

  • Sophisticated on-line DM, CTF, and Co-Op support
  • Support up to 255 Players
  • Jump
  • Free Look
  • Scripting Language
  • ZDOOM in Hexen Mode
  • Support for classic DOOM, BOOM, and ZDOOM 1.22/1.23 maps
  • Translucent walls
  • Large Textures
  • Sloped Surfaces
  • Fake Floor over Floor
  • Support for the following iWADs: Doom.WAD, Doom2.WAD, Chex.WAD, TNT.WAD, Plutonia.WAD, Freedom.WAD
Download: odamex-mos.lha (4 MB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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