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18.May.2013 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Jack 4.0 with MUI user-interface
Version 4.0 of the programm Jack has been released for AmigaOS 4 and now thanks to MUI Royale has a MUI user-interface. Versions for MorphOS and AROS will be released soon.

Jack additionally requires the MUI-class TheBar.mcc as well as (under AmigaOS 4) AISS 4.12. The author ask you to pay attention to the list of known bugs and limitations.

Main features:
  • Comprehensive AmigaOS app-store piggy-backing onto OS4Depot; includes integrated ARexx support for developers
  • Donate easily to your favourite AmigaOS third-party developers
  • Quick access to AmigaOS preferences
  • Screen snapshoter
  • AmigaOS knowledge base
  • Image editor, includes batch image processing
  • Speedy access to all your connected devices
  • Support for Push4Dock - quick access to your documents, images, music and more
  • Quick access to WordNet thesaurus
  • Basic file-management, make new drawer, delete, rename and add comment
  • Open your files in helper applications
  • Integrated weather forecast for any location in the world
  • In-built file search
  • Currency converter
  • Quick filer access, opens two instances in one simple click
  • Access popular Amiga websites quickly and easily from the dashboard
Download: jack.lha (14 MB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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