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AmigaOS 4: Qt 4.7 (0.9.0), several Qt-ports, competition
Alfkil Wennermark has updated his AmigaOS-4-port of the C++-class library Qt. Due to the size of the archive it will be only available on and not on OS4Depot any longer. Additionally Wennermark has released some ports of Qt-based applications:
  • MuseScore is a music notation software which can export the projects as PDF or MIDI files
  • The Jabber-client Vacuum-IM
  • JuffEd, a powerful text editor with Syntax-Highlighting
  • Wally changes desktop background pictures and for that allows the access to Google Images, Photobucket, Picasa and others
  • Screengrab creates screenshots
  • The simple animation editor Pencil can e.g. create SWF-files
  • FlasQ was written by Wennermark himself and is an editor for animations as well
  • The simple paint program EasyPaint
  • The game OpenGOO
Wennermark challenges other programmers to contest: Those developer who will port the most Qt-applications or develop them until August 30th will get an excellent and amazing prize. The applications have to run on a X1000 as well as on a SAM. For more difficult ports or self-developments additional points will be awarded.

If you have questions about the development under Qt you are welcome to contact Wennermark. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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