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A-EON: Voting on name of the next AmigaOne generation
Press release: Cardiff 2013, 21st October 2013

Following our announcement at Ami-West that we are developing the "Cyrus Plus" motherboard, which could spawn three new AmigaONE models, we carried out a straw poll on possible naming options for the new machines. The AmiWest audience voted on the four naming groups included in items 1 to 4 in the table below. The result was evenly split between groups 3 and 4, with groups 1 and 2 receiving zero votes.

However, since the announcement we have received numerous emails, either agreeing or suggesting alternative naming schemes. As a result of this feedback we are now opening the poll to the wider Amiga community. Eight additional naming groups have been included which reflect the most popular naming options suggested. So here is your chance to help select the names for the new "Cyrus Plus" AmigaONE systems.

If you would like to help shape the AmigaONE's future please select your first and second choices and email your vote to with "Cyrus Plus name" in the subject line.

  1. A1500, A2000/20, A2000/40
  2. A2000, A4000/20, A4000/40
  3. A3000, A5000/20, A5000/40
  4. A3041, A5020, A5040
  5. AX1500, AX2000/20, AX2000/40
  6. AX2000, AX4000/20, AX4000/40
  7. AX3000, AX5000/20, AX5000/40
  8. Q3041, Q5020, Q5040
  9. P3000, P5000/20, P5000/40
  10. P3500, P5020, P5040
  11. X3500, X5000/20, X5000/40
  12. X3041, X5020, X5040
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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