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Aminet-Uploads until 21.12.2013
The following packages have been added to Aminet until December 21st, 2013:
DoubleGummi.lha          comm/net   35K   68k GummiSurf Replacement allows ...
AFnews-68k.lha           comm/www   894K  68k Amiga Future Everywhere 68k
AFnews-OS4.lha           comm/www   1.3M  OS4 Amiga Future Everywhere Amiga...
MCC_TextEditor-15.43.lha dev/mui    790K  MOS TextEditor custom class for M...
MCC_TheBar-26.14.lha     dev/mui    1.6M  MOS Next Generation Toolbar MUI C...
DiskWiz.lha              disk/misc  35K   68k Read/write disk archives to f...
FamAmigaUses.lha         docs/hyper 26K       A guide about famous Amiga uses!
Saga.lha                 game/board 398K  68k Conversion of TSR boardgame
SagaMOS.lha              game/board 444K  MOS Conversion of TSR boardgame
Saga-OS4.lha             game/board 500K  OS4 Conversion of TSR boardgame
Noel_Q.lha               game/wb    36K   68k A Christmas theme peg game...
Safe.lha                 mods/xm    4.5M      New Mod By Pseudaxos
JukeboxAdder.lha         mus/play   165K  MOS Add files to Jukebox from Amb...
madplay.lha              mus/play   654K  68k MP3 player/decoder & libs
MultiMeedio.lha          mus/play   29K   MOS Script to control many audio ...
madp.lha                 util/batch 2K        use madplay & mpg123 with...
CTLG2CT.lha              util/conv  20K   OS4 Decompiles catalogs back into...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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