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Aminet-Uploads until 07.06.2014
The following packages have been added to Aminet until June 7th, 2014:
irssi-0.8.16-morphos.lha comm/irc   782K  MOS Terminal based IRC client
A71Mail.lha              comm/www   467K      Email Form multilanguage writ...
MuForce.lha              dev/debug  289K  68k V40 Enforcer, detect illegal ...
subversion-1.1.4-aros... dev/misc   4.2M  x86 Tools to work w/ subversion r... dev/misc   9.4M  x86 Tools for subversion reposito...
CodeWar-OS4.lha          game/misc  231K  OS4 CRobots-style programming game
ZDOOM_AGA.lha            game/shoot 2.9M  68k Amiga port of ZDOOM v1.22
Atoms-X.lha              game/wb    1.0M  68k Strategy/Action Board Game fo...
iTrix.lha                game/wb    32K   68k Move together tiles of the sa...       mods/demo  1.0M      DJTHUNDER-Rips      mods/demo  897K      ENZYM-MEGA-Rips      mods/demo  447K      MEGAMIX-90-Rips      mods/demo  1.8M      MELLOW-MIX-Rips  mods/demo  626K      REVOLUTION-MIX-Rips
nano_234_68k.lha         text/edit  1.6M  68k ncurses based text editor
MMULib.lha               util/libs  632K  68k Library to ctrl the MC68K MMUs
ShowFiles_sf.lha         util/shell 30K   OS4 shows a sorted & text-for...
Mu680x0Libs.lha          util/sys   350K  68k MuLib aware 680x0 libraries
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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