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08.Jan.2015 (Webseite)

Graphics software: PersonalPaint 7.3a (AmigaOS 3/4)
A-EON has released a free update of the 8-Bit graphics software Personal Paint which fixes some minor bugs. The version for AmigaOS 4 can be purchased in the Amistore or updated (download and installation of the Amistore application required). The m68k-port can be purchased on The update is available for registered customers in the download section of A-EON.

Changes in version 7.3a:
  • PPFM_Mem.c libs/#?/mem.c: Fix 68k only memguard hits die to incorrect size on releasing memory. NB: If the code is taget to 3.x and above in the longer term this custom code can be replaced with AllocVec() calls.
  • PPFM_FileIO.c: No longer saves a corrupt alternate image when saving thumbnail icons.
  • PPaint/PP_Prefs.c: Add ASL Screen Mode Requester to allow user to choose bestmode on first startup. If mode in Startup_1 is 0xFFFFFFFF the Workbench mode will be tried first then if not supported by PPaint an ASL requester will open and offer suitable modes.
  • PPaint/PP_Prefs.c: The PRINTSYS settings are now clamped to min / max legal values rather than throwing an error, so that saving preferences with no valid printer setup, doesn't create an unloadable Startup_*.set
  • Change default setting in startup mode requester to 256 colours
  • PPaint/PP_Menu.c: Autmatically save both environments on first exit if the mode requester was accepted.
  • Make68kMake.rexx: Add -fomit-frame-pointer to CFLAGS. Fixed crash in editing stencil due to register a5 being clobbered.
  • libs/req/req_messages.c: A test for the new true screen mode caused TOGGLE objects to be highlighted (inverse image) on both mouse down and mouse up, giving the appearance that they weren't toggling when on a non truescreen mode. Fixed.
  • PPFM_GfxFill.c: The TmpRas buffer was allocated via the custom CreateBitmap function this worked on AGA/ECS and AmigaOS4 but when run on other RTG systems, the buffer was of an incorrect memory type. Now allocated via AllocateRaster when 'SafeDisplay' is set. Fixes freehand and polygon fill tools on RTG systems.
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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