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01.Mar.2015 (Webseite)

Workbench enhancement: BetterWB 4.0
Similar to AIAB, AmiKit or AmigaSYS, BetterWB is a collection of Workbench enhancements for AmigaOS 3.1, which are useful but rather simple and therefore require low hardware configuration.

Changes in version 4.0:
  • Rebooter has now a fast performing bootable ram option
  • LockDevice is a command which between other things, changes the read and write status of a drive
  • Icon.library has been updated to 46.4.408
  • Fat95 has been updated to 3.18
  • Dir now generates a wider and more clear display mode
  • ConBuffer gives scrollbars to any CLI (configured by default for Zshell)
  • A new commodity, PM, a cpu/process meter
  • Datatypes.library 45.4 corrects several bugs and is a little bit faster than its previous counterpart
  • DOSDrivers for Jaz and Zip drives are included. If you still have one of those magnetic dinosaurs ;)
  • Reduced the memory footprint just another extra bit
  • A few more minor fixes and tweaks
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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