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16.Mar.2015 (ANF)

AROS Broadway 1.0 preview 1
Pascal Papara has released version "1.0 preview 1" of his AROS-distribution Broadway (Youtube video). Changes of this release:
  • based on latest abi v0
  • reduced size so it fits also on a cdrw (659MB)
  • streamlined installation (depending on install media it can be done in under a minute)
  • indiego AppStore (alpha)
  • indiego download manager (alpha)
  • amiwallet (alpha)
  • new wip theme
Direct download: broadway1pr1.iso.7z (219 MB)

According to the developer, it is a "technical preview" which still is not meant for the practical usage. The installation under Virtualbox is demonstrated in the linked Youtube video. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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