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Pascal Papara (ANF)

App Store: Update of indieGO!-client for all systems
The Hollywood-based client for Pascal Papara's App Store "indieGO!" has been updated (screenshot). It is divided into two parts: The App Store-Browser and the download manager. Using the download manager it is possible to pause downloads and continiue them after several days.

The client now works with screen solutions less than 800x600 pixels (z.B. EEEPC701) and much faster as well. According to Papara currently there is much debug output, so this can be still improved. The speed of the download manager was doubled.

The detailed changes:
  • Refactoring and optimization of the libServer module
  • Submit Bug Report : now reports if there was error submitting the reports
  • Change Mail Address : FIXED a bug that was not accepting the user's input
  • Many optimization a faster response in many time-critical sections This option can be disabled with the preference -> speedboost = 0
  • Added preference switch
  • Added pointer behaviours (busy mouse pointer for long operations)
  • Added the possibility to close the category requester with the ESC key
  • Font size reduced automatically in app name and app description if needed to let it fit in its available space. (magorium)
  • Now categories and items difference is more evident thanks to an overlay image on the category icons (see picture). (magorium)
  • Now the AppStore recognize if a previous session has not closed properly and ask to the user if he wish to submit a bug report with the previous session's log file, no additional informations from the user are required. (magorium)
  • Speed up of the app details window opening
  • download speed is now twice as fast
Until now developers of commercial applications have had to pay a store fee of ten percent of the selling price. Developers who have registered after March 1st 2015 have to pay twelve percent. The ten most "successful" developers - including developers of Freeware software - monthly will earn a gift coupon of 10 Euro. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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