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New A1200 case: More than half of required money donated / MiST + RPi
Five days before the Kickstarter campaign for a new Amiga-1200 case will be finished ( reported), so far almost 52 % of the required money have been donated. The case is meant for existing A1200-boards as well as for the Amiga-Reloaded-mainboard developed by Individual Computers, the FPGA-computer MiST and for the Raspberry Pi and corresponds the original case, but is prepared for several extensions by pre-cuts.

Since our last update message two weeks ago the following updates have been added:
  • Cases are now available in all colors
  • The 20 Eur pledge has been revamped to supply you with new parts like trapdoors, adapters and case screws, and you'll get our new Case sticker / badge as well !
  • New awesome signature embedded in our cases: David Pleasance
  • Commodore: The amiga years, added to our bonuses list
  • Scoopex special edition
  • Raspberry-Pi support
  • Keyrah-USB keyboard controller support
  • MiST support
  • recommendation programm
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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