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Preview and pre-order: Wings Remastered Edition (AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, AROS)
Daniel 'Daytona675x' Müßener has released the first playable preview of his Amiga port of Wings Remastered Edition, which was announced at the "Amiga 30" in Neuss. Müßener emphasises, that it is a very early pre-version which has not been sufficiently tested. Besides, some graphics have been not completed and are replaced by placeholders. Speed and the whole quality will be improved until the final version.

Simultaneously with the release of the preview, the Amiga version can be ordered in the online shop of Cinemaware - you have to pay in advance. Cinemaware stated that the game will be released in February 2016. In order to make the Amiga port happen, according to the developer "sufficient pre-orders" are required. He guesses a figure of about 300. If there will be not sufficient pre-orders, the users will get back their money.

While "Wings Remastered Edition" can be purchased at Steam for 15 Euro, the Amiga port costs 55 US-Dollar. But for this money, the game will be delivered in a big box including a printed manual ad a poster.

Ports for AmigaOS 4 with Warp 3D, AmigaOS 4 with RadeonHD-Compositing (for users without 3D-driver), MorphOS and AROS are available. Some graphics bugs which Müßener reduces to bugs in the graphic boards are already known:
  • AmigaOS 4: Warp3D creates some missing polygons in the corner of the screen
  • AmigaOS 4: Compositing should not be used with SouthernIsland and R200 chipsets due to heavy graphics bugs
  • MorphOS: on some systems (e.g. Powerbook Radeon 9700) the lightning of the 3D models does not properly work; the objects appear too dark, the fog has the wrong colour
Direct download:

WingsDemo_AOS4_Warp3D.lha (38 MB)
WingsDemo_AOS4_Compositing.lha (38 MB)
WingsDemo_MorphOS.lha (38 MB) (38 MB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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