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Defender of the Crown - Extended Collectors Cut
In a limited edition of 500 pieces, the current holder of the Cinemaware rights is going release the classics of the software developers. The first game is "Defender of the Crown", which from now on is available in the online shop. In December the game will be delivered.

The "Extended Collectors Cut" is available for about 45 US-Dollar and includes:
  • all released versions of "Defender of the Crown" as ROM or disk images on CD
  • an extended version for the Amiga with an additional comic-intro. This version can be played on Amiga CD32, on an Amiga with CD-Rom or on a Windows PC (using a stand-alone emulation). MAC and Linux support is currently tested
  • printed manual
  • 2 CDs - for PC and Amiga CD32.
  • Soundtrack on the CD
  • 3 postcards with motifs from "Defender of the Crown"
  • Poster
  • Printable labels for collectors who are going to create disks from the ADF-images on the CD
  • Sticker
Rocket Ranger probably will be the next which will be released and will be available in February. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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