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Web Browser: Github-Repository for Odyssey
Against a payment of 7500 Euro, in January 2014 Fabien 'Fab' Coeurjoly released the source code of his web browser Odyssey. After the release of an AmigaOS 4 port, for some months the available AROS port provided by Krzysztof 'Deadwood' Śmiechowicz is the only one which is currenty developed further.

On Github, the programmer has published the source code of his Odyssey port and has invited all Amiga developers to join the work. He is willing to introduce the code base and the developing process to unexperienced programmers. If you are interested in, then please contact him via eMail.

The archive on Github includes the latest version 1.25 which is based on Coeurjoly's latest release Odyssey 1.24 and provides the following improvements:
  • uses directly the Webkit engine - the Orygin layer is no longer required - which makes it easier to use Webkit updates
  • uses WebKit revision 187682 (from end of July)
  • Source code and build configuration are prepared for the development of several (Amiga) destination platforms
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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