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11.Jan.2016 (Webseite)

Text editor with Kickstart 1.2 compatibility: Redit 1.9
Kai Scherrer's text editor Redit runs without limitations on an Amiga eqipped with Kickstart 1.2, but also is compatible with later versions of the system. The editor can be also used from an emergency disk or without a startup-sequence after booting the system. Changes in version 1.9:
  • Redit 1.9, bugfix: removed dependency to mathieeedoubas.library
  • Redit 1.9, bugfix: increased stack size to 12288
  • Redit 1.9, added: alternative Icons by Colani1200
  • Redit 1.8, bugfix: Replace all 'a' by 'aa' in a document resulted into an infinite loop. fixed
  • Redit 1.7, added: Search & Replace dialog
  • Redit 1.7, improved: Tooltypes are now found if Redit is loaded via path (requires Kickstart 2.0 and better)
  • Redit 1.7, bugfix: crash when started with Workbench screen in the background. fixed
  • Redit 1.7, bugfix: crash when empty file was loaded. fixed
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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