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Aminet-Uploads until 30.01.2016
The following archives have been added to Aminet until January 30th, 2016:
GoogleDrive_handler_6... comm/tcp   1.5M  68k Google Drive handler for Amig...
GoogleDrive_handler_M... comm/tcp   1.0M  MOS Google Drive handler for MorphOS
objc.lha                 dev/c      2.6M  MOS Portable Object Compiler
MCC_MiniMailerSP.lha     dev/mui    4K        MiniMailer MCC v20.2 spanish ...
giggledisk.lha           disk/misc  38K   MOS V1.19 MBR/RDB ->  MountLis...
gamewatch.lha            game/actio 11M   MOS VTech Game & Watch Simula...
MCE.lha                  game/edit  1.5M  68k Multi-game Character Editor
MCE-MOS.lha              game/edit  1.6M  MOS Multi-game Character Editor
MCE-OS4.lha              game/edit  1.7M  OS4 Multi-game Character Editor
zerosphere.lha           game/jump  562K  68k Platform game with a twist
AssaultCubeReloaded26... game/shoot 68M   x86 First-person shooter
gerber2eps_1.0.lha       gfx/conv   97K   MOS Konvert gerber to eps
Redit.lha                text/edit  46K   68k Text editor
thaicheck.lha            text/misc  36K   MOS Tool to check Thai text for v...
thaiconv.lha             text/misc  50K   MOS Convert text between diff. Th...
jsonMaster.lha           text/show  418K  68k Simple json viewer
Chelp.lha                util/batch 34K       Online help for MorphOS shell...
BExchangeSP.lha          util/cdity 3K        BExchange v1.2 spanish catalog
FixFonts.lha             util/cli   9K    MOS A recompile of the CBM fixfon...
ARexxPatch.lha           util/sys   1K        Patch small ARexx bugs
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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