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MorphZone (Webseite)

MorphOS: yWeather.sbar 1.14
Thomas Igracki's screenbar module yWeather "shows the current weather informations for a selected location". It is used with Ambient and gets its weather data from Yahoo. The default location is Berlin/Germany which you can change in the screenbar settings. You can also change the unit of the temperature to Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Changes Version 1.12:
  • Chg: Don't eat RMB over my sbar
  • Fix: Crash if you remove the sbar while trying to download weather infos
  • Chg: add the inputhandler after first successful download
  • Chg: if downloading of weather infos failed, try again after 10 seconds,
    if it fails 5 times in a row, deactivate auto-update!
    You have to left-click on the sbar to activate it again!
    Offline will be recognized and displayed
  • New: Recognize if yahoo sends no weather data, then "Yahoo error!" will be displayed
  • Fix: don't show the all-info-bubble, if there was no successful download!
  • Chg: If the conversion of the yahoo date failed, display the original date instead the localized22 in the bubble
    Dates like this "Mon, 28 Mar 2016 12:00 AM CEST" fail, because of the "12:xx AM"
  • New: New strings to localize: msgDeactivated, msgOffline, msgYahooError

Changes Version 1.13:
  • Chg: Display "Update check..." in the sbar, if you press middle mouse button
  • Chg: The required icons are now located in Sys:Data/Screenbar/yWeather/ instead of Sys:Data/yWeather/
  • New: Added a simple installation script

Changes Version 1.14:
  • Fix: Wind-speed was always 0.00 [reported by jPV, 29-Mar-16]
  • Fix: the units for wind speed, chill, visibility and pressure were missing
  • New: added a version string in the all-info-bubble
Download: yWeather.lha (357 KB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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