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Aminet-Uploads until 08.10.2016
The following packages have been added to the Aminet until October 8th, 2016:
c-ares.lha               comm/tcp   162K  68k Command line DNS tools
FAsm040.lha              dev/asm    9K    68k Super Fasmicom Amiga-SNES X A...
c-ares-src.lha           dev/gcc    1.9M      Asynchronous DNS resolver lib...
libcares.lha             dev/gcc    941K  68k Asynchronous DNS resolver lib...
PDCopy30.lha             disk/bakup 23K   68k PD Copy v3.0, no docs, xcopy ...
don_ceferino.i386-aro... game/actio 3.1M  x86 clone of Pang
MotherLode.adz           game/actio 68K   68k Mother Lode a Lode Runner clone       game/actio 1.5M  x86 The classic Pang game
tuxfootball.i386-aros... game/actio 20M   x86 Tux Football is a great 2D so...
Links_demo.lha           game/demo  797K  68k very good Golf in 4096 colors
adrian_3d.i386-aros.lha  game/role  5.5M  x86 Simple 3D role playing strate... game/shoot 1.4M  x86 shoot em up
Huge.lha                 gfx/edit   38K   68k icons, sprites, bobs Editor a...
srec.lha                 gfx/misc   119K  OS4 Screen Recorder
BestOfMorphOS_2013_1.pdf mags/misc  203K      MorphOS newsletter, November ...
BestOfMorphOS_2013_2.pdf mags/misc  318K      MorphOS newsletter, January 2014
BestOfMorphOS_2014_1.pdf mags/misc  297K      MorphOS newsletter, March 2014
BestOfMorphOS_2014_2.pdf mags/misc  324K      MorphOS newsletter, May 2014
BestOfMorphOS_2014_3.pdf mags/misc  352K      MorphOS newsletter, September...
EvenMore.lha             text/show  335K  68k Freeware Textviewer
EvenMore_MOS.lha         text/show  411K  MOS Freeware Textviewer (MorphOS)
EvenMore_OS4.lha         text/show  410K  OS4 Freeware Textviewer (OS4)
Blitter.lha              util/pack  2K    68k Blitter-MFM-Coder by Cruncher...
BytekillerPro10.lha      util/pack  39K   68k Bytekiller Professional v1.0,...
tzdata.lha               util/time  1.6M      Time Zone Database
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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