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10.May 2017

Web browser: Netsurf 3.7 (SDL version) with Youtube streaming
Artur Jarosik has released an update of his Amiga port of the web browser NetSurf. His version is based on SDL, only the preferences use MUI, and should not be confused with Chris Young's native, Reaction-based version. Additional to some bug fixes, version 3.7 now offers Youtube streaming.

Upon request of, Artur Jarosik explained: "This is RTG classic version, I may compile AGA version and put it on my website soon." That means that for the current version a graphics card is required.

  • reduce cpu usage by 7-10mips
  • hide annoying console windows when playing mods
  • fixed and improved youtube playback.
    • Better video quality (uses ffmpeg now), shorter conversion time
    • New API key needed from
  • fixed playback
  • fixed youtube playback
  • NEW autoupdate
  • NEW youtube streaming
  • NEW information about convertion status
  • faster htpps loading with asm optimised libssl (Chris Young)
  • fix compatability on FPU systems
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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