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AmigaOS 4: Commercial calendar software AOrganiser gets Sync function
According to Andy Broad he has invested more than 300 hours updating the calendar software AOrganiser. Now it is possible to "sync your AmigaOS diary with your phone or other mobile device via Google Calendar". Additionally "a suite of python and ARexx scripts offer import and export of iCal / VCal formatted events and invitations as well as syncing to a remote server via CalDAV."

Currently only Google is supported as CalDAV server, but other servers will be added if there is a demand. AOrganiser is available for 11 British pound (about 11,40 Euro) on A-EON's Amistore.

Most important changes in AOrganiser 2.1:
  • The Event window features an extended range of options for entering information, the single line title and notes section have been expanded to:
    • Title
    • Multiline Notes
    • Organiser
    • Location
  • Alarms can now be set to trigger at arbitrary offsets from the start or end of the event, notifying via RingHIO, requester, sound or executing a command.
  • Custom gadget to display the events in the main diary window, with cutomisable colours and fonts.
  • Optimisations to the time entry gadget.
  • Extended features in the built in calendar gadget, with a new choose date requester utilising the same gadget as you see in the main window.
  • Fully customisable pen colours, allowing a diary look that suits your own preferences.
  • Keyboard navigation in the diary window using arrow keys.
  • The ability to select days or events and operate on them via arexx scripts.
  • Massively extended ARexx interface.
  • Extended but fully backwards compatible IFF diary file format.
  • Extensive time zone support for event that take place in different parts of the country (or world) to the diary's primary locale.
  • ICal and vCal import / export options.
  • The ability to sync with Google Calendar via the CalDAV API.
  • Advanced searching using AmigaDOS patterns.
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