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AmigaOS 4: Enhancer Software 1.3
According to A-EON Technology in a press release, the third update for the tool collection "Enhancer Software" is available and can be downloaded for free by registered customers on Amistore. As some of our readers have pointed out, currently the server of the Amistore seems overloaded. We recommend you to wait some days before you install the update. Amiga Enhancer is available in three different versions: The "Plus Edition" has all components, including the latest 2D driver for the Radeon cards. The "Standard" version only includes a previsous version of the driver and less background pictures for CANDI. Additionally there is a "Special Edition" for older computers inclusive for Amigas equipped with a PowerPC card.

Changes in "Plus" and "Standard" versions:
  • RadeonHD drivers v2.22 & v1.21 now support UHD 4K screenmodes on HDMI 1.3+ monitors
  • Warp3D Nova & Warp3D Nova SI library v1.41 with 4K Warp3D Nova demo
  • OpenGLES library v1.15
Changes in all versions of the Enhancer package:
  • Updater utility: keep your Enhancer Software and AMIStore purchases fully up to date.
  • AmiSphere Server & Preferences to control AMIStore logins and passwords.
  • USB PTP driver with iOS support.
  • New Gadgets classes: ListViewer, Thumblist and Anim.
  • Animated icons in Ringhio Notifications Server supporting new Anim gadget class.
  • TuneNet now supports Shoutcast v2 API and animated notifications during station scanning & playback.
  • New Libraries: Codesets, Z and EXIF.
  • Multiviewer now supports EXIF lib with added snapshot function and auto JPEG image rotation.
  • New SystemReboot command.
Updates included in all editions::
  • Time, Sound, Notification preferences and Format command.
  • MultiEdit, Clock, Calendar, Exchanger and X-Dock utilities.
  • Clock and SliderBar Gadget Classes.
  • InfoWindow Class.
  • MPEGA and WAV Datatypes.
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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