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Amiga disks on PC: ADF-Drive supports Amiga filesystems
ADF-Copy is an USB adapter which, connected to a ordinary PC disk drive, can read and write Amiga disks - provided that the disks are not copy-protected. The floppy port is connected to a Teensy 3.2 micro controller by using some jumpers controlled by the firmware of the micro controller.

The latest beta version of the firmware now also supports Amiga filesystems, that means, single files can be read and written. As usual a disks is provided to the Host-PC via Media Transfer Protocol. If the disks has been formated by the Amiga filesystem, additional to the disk drive DF0: - for formating or reading/writing of ADF-Images - another drive is registered with the name of the disk:

So far the following features are offered:
  • Reading and writing files
  • Creating directories and deleting empty ones
  • Formating DF0:
  • HD Disks should work, but they are very fragile, writes might fail
Not (yet) working:
  • Deleting full directories
  • Renaming files and directories
  • Time and date of files
  • Many operations do not work under Windows XP, it simply is too old. But the separate application ADF-Copy works fine under XP
  • When writing an adf image with drag and drop on DF0: the Name of the filesystem drive isnt updating correctly
The author points out, that this software is a beta version. He recommends to enable write protection of the disks or zu work with test disks. And he wrote:"After a write access wait for the drive light to go off and the motor stop before removing the disk, due to avoid excessive disk access i use some methods to cache the track and write modified track only on track change or shortly before stopping the motor." (cg) (Translation: dr)

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