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Markus Tillmann (ANF)

Event: Update to Amiga32
Markus Tillmann wrote: One and a half week before the Amiga32 will start on 28. Oktober in Neuss, we want to announce some final information:
  • For about three month the event is sold out - 520 persons (exhibitors and honoured guests included) will attend the Amiga32. We could have sold about 150 additional ticktes. Therefore the Amiga32 is one the biggest Amiga events.
  • There will be no box office at the event! Therefore it will be useless trying to attend the event without a valid ticket. If you are still interested in a ticket, then we recommend to have a look at our facebook site and at the diverse Amiga forums.
  • 27 exhibitors as well as 12 users will be on spot presenting their products and (partly) offering them for sale.
  • Several honoured guests also will be participate and most of them will give a lecture. Jeff Porter, Dr. Tim King as well as Jürgen Haage surely can be considered as the most interesting guests.
  • All guests also can enjoy wonderful music performed by Blue Metal Rose, Chris Hülsbeck and Mark "TDK" Knight.
  • There will be also a draw for which already more than 30 attractive prices have been made available.
  • Cloanto will give a free full version of its Amiga emulator "Amiga Forever" of the latest version to each guest.
  • Of course everybody will be invited to use our catering service.
  • The comeback issue of the Amiga Joker will be available for 5,- Euro.
  • On Saturday 9:15 p.m. the Amiga documentation "From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years" will start in the Hitch cinema. The film will be shown in the original, English-language version. Tickets are available for 5,- Euro and can be ordered from or the Eventbrite ticket site.
The organizing team is looking forward to the Amiga32 and wants to give thanks to all supporters! (cg) (Translation: dr)

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