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MorphOS-Storage-Uploads until 27.01.2018
The following archives have been added to the MorphOS Storage until January 27th, 2018:
libFLAC_1.3.2.lha         Development/Library       MorphOS port of LibFLAC...
Beret_1.2.1.lha           Games/Platform            Beret is a 2D puzzle-pl...
Cadog-GL-MOS.lha          Games/Platform            Cadog Adventures Asseml...
OpenJazz.lha              Games/Platform            OpenJazz. is a free, op...
SecretMaryoChronicles.lha Games/Platform            Just port for MorphOS o...
XRick_2.0.0.lha           Games/Platform            Xrick is an open source...
SDL-Ball_1.0.2.lha        Games/Think               MegaBall/Breakout clone
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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