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AROS: Summary of development in January
Based on the weekly information on the development of the open source operating system AROS, this is the summary for January.
  • Fixed a crash in AHI prefs when there's no output available (hitchhikr)
  • Fixed code corruption (corrupt taglists) caused by compiler optimisation quirks. This may have caused bugs in various places throughout AROS: it is known to have affected some DataTypes at least (neil)
  • The French translations for system components were brought up to date (hitchhikr)
  • Fixed a crash in the standard text editor that sometimes occurred while opening a file (hitchhikr)
  • Fixed two visual glitches in Wanderer regarding the lasso and the headings in list mode (hitchhikr)
  • Fixed the same code corruption problem as last week, but for GCC 6 (neil)
  • More visual bugs fixed in Wanderer (hitchhikr)
  • SAM440 build works again (balaton)
  • Fixed MMU setup on SAM440 to avoid exceptions before TLB entries for handlers are set up (balaton)
  • Fixed a potential crash in the USB HID driver (balaton)
  • Fixed a memory corruption bug in IPrefs (balaton)
  • Added a command line interface to FTManager (o1i)
  • Give a more helpful error message when calling C:List on NIL: (polluks)
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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