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WHDLoad: New installers until 24.02.2018
Using WHDLoad, you can install games, scene demos and intros from cracking groups to your harddisk that were only working from floppy disks previously. The following installers have been added until February 24th, 2018:
  • 2018-02-23 improved: One On One (Electronic Arts) slow down game on faster amigas, joystick port swap is the default (Info)
  • 2018-02-23 updated: Leisure Suit Larry 5 (Sierra) reassembled slave for new kickemu (Info)
  • 2018-02-23 improved: Leander (Psygnosis) option to skip introduction, trainer improved (Info, Image)
  • 2018-02-23 improved: Impossible Mission 2025 (Microprose) fixed install script (Info)
  • 2018-02-21 improved: Alcatraz (Infogrames) support for another version added (Info)
  • 2018-02-18 improved: John Madden Football (Electronic Arts) patch is now fully NTSC compatible (Info)
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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