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14.Aug.2018 (Forum)

Sonnet.library: Network card as PowerPC accelerator board
The SonnetAmiga project makes it possible to use PowerPC-based PCI cards as accelerator board for WarpOS programs in the Amiga by means of a mediator board ( reported). The Sonnet Crescendo 7200 included, already five PCI cards are supported:
  • Sonnet G3/G4 with max. 192 MB
  • Rapture G4 7410@450 MHz with 256 MB
  • Apocalypse G4 7410@450 MHz with 256 MB
  • Ragnarok G3 750FX@800 MHz with 256 MB
  • BigFoot Killer NIC M1 e300@400 MHz with 64 MB
Last mentioned card has few memory but with about 30 Euro should be the cheapest PowerPC extension for the Amiga. Actually it is a network card and its Network Processing Unit (NPU) is a PowerPC processor - a MPC8343E. It is said that the game Quake would run twice as fast as on a CyberStorm PPC.

Ragnarok is not officially supported but according to the SonnetAmiga-Wiki it already is running smoothly. Note that of each of the cards there are different versions and it is not clear if all of them work. Lists of compatible software can be found in the Wiki. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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