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ReAmiga 1200: Replica of A1200 mainboard published
As announced, on weekend John 'Chucky' Hertell has published the documents of his A1200 mainboard "ReAmiga 1200" (video of test run). It is a clone of the revision 1D.4 of Commodore's last desktop computer which compared to the original one provides the following improvements:
  • Supports Round AND Square powerconnector. (round have 2 incoming +5V wires)
  • New reworked Composite logic, with additional S-Video Support
  • RF-Modulator removed and replaced with optional VGA Connector that is buffered, Still NO Scnadoubler
  • PCMCIA Reset fix so cardreset software is not needed
  • Resetheader
  • A500 Compatible Keyboard connector (actually not tested yet)
  • Extra powerconnectors for +12 and +5V fans. also extra powerconnector close to CPU slot to add power or fans.
  • Selectable SEL signals for floppy, you need to cut the traces and solder in a connector to select
  • Optional NMI (IRQ7) Possability
  • Support for the Ratteswitch with solderoles for required signals so no need of a socket on CIA
  • Optional onboard leds where LED and +5V are separated also optional “opt” led, with jumperwire for pcmcia activityled
All documents which are required for a production are available on Hertell's blog. Additionally there is also the unchanged replica of Commodore's revision 1D.4 which matches the original mainboard and therefore requires Commodore's jumpewire. This version so far has not been tested.

Hertell sells blank ReAmiga-1200 boards for about 60 Euro (5 Euro of this sum are donated to the Swedish children cancer fond) plus shipping. Hertell cannot help providing components because his project mainly is meant for repairing damaged Amiga 1200 computers.

For interested users Hertell provides a Component Locator "If you need help where to solder the different components". (cg) (Translation: dr)

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