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AmigaOS 4: X11 environment AmiCygnix 1.4
Edgar Schwan's AmiCygnix is an Unix environment for AmigaOS 4. It is not an emulation but all programms are nativly compiled for AmigaOS 4. AmiCygnix provides a directory and data structure which is similar to a Unix installation.

After a long break of development now new versions of the basic archives have been released. Mainly bugs were fixed which did prevent X-Servers from correctly working on new Amiga systems.

New in AmiCygnix-Base:
  • All display drivers and the X server binary were revised to fix the following problems:
    • With newer graphics cards like the Radeon HD 7xxx the colours of the display were wrong. This was completely fixed in the drivers picasso96clonewbdb and picasso96wb.
    • Since AmigaOS 4.1 final Update 1 it came to program crashes, if the graphic driver picasso96clonewbdb was used. Is fixed now.
  • The display driver picasso96clonewbdb can now also open 32 bit screens internally, however, the data is still processed in 16 bits.
  • The print command "lpr" now supports the printout via Turboprint whereby the print quality is increased.
  • Updated SSL support over OpenSSL and GnuTLS. The included Trusted Certificates have been updated.
  • Many minor improvements and bug fixes.

New in AmiCygnix tools:
  • The browser NetSurf has been relinked with OpenSSl 1.01o. Many SSL keyed pages could not be opened anymore. The problem is now largely eliminated.
  • The image viewer GPicView is now available in the latest version 0.2.5.

amicygnix-base.lha (120 MB)
amicygnix-tools.lha (75 MB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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