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Mike Battilana (E-Mail)

Picasso96: Cloanto replies Jens Schönfeld's allegations
For years (German), first Thomas Richter - who is now working on Jens Schönfeld's commercial P96 distribution  - and later Jens Schönfeld himself have criticized Cloanto's distribution of Picasso96 as part of Amiga Forever. In a 2001 press release, Cloanto had announced that the company licenced P96 from its original authors Alexander Kneer and Tobias Abt for use in the Amiga Forever distribution.

Jens Schönfeld denies that, recently he attacked the Italian company in a press release and claimed (German) in a discussion on that he had only seen "blackened account statements and vague e-mails" as evidence for the alleged licence to Cloanto.

Apparently, Cloanto now released these exact emails and a transfer receipt to the public. The old Picasso announcement on the company's website has been supplemented with a small note and a PDF document.

The PDF contains two e-mails which are apparently part of a longer conversation between Mike Battilana (Cloanto) and Alexander Kneer (Picasso96). Basically, Battilana is having Kneer confirm various details of the license agreement. The core points the two are addressing, seem to be the following items:
  • Battilana suggests the following copyright notice: "Amiga Forever includes a licensed copy of the Picasso96 software. This means that no additional shareware fees are due for this copy of the software, which is licensed for use only in the Amiga Forever emulation environment, and without upgrade privileges." Alexander Kneers reply to the suggestion: "Perfect."
  • Battilana asks: "Do you think we need a contract, or is our exchange of email sufficient? For me it is enough, if you confirm so." Kneer answers: "Sufficient for me."
  • Battilana then summarizes older agreements that are not part of the mails included in the PDF: "The fee for using Picasso96 in Amiga Forever as agreed, in place of the current shareware status, would be DM 2000.00 (in addition to past shareware contributions). If you could confirm that the data I used one year ago is still OK, I will wire it there." Kneer: "Nothing has changed. ;-)"
The last item in the PDF is a scan of a transfer receipt: On December 4th, 2001 Cloanto Italia SRL transfered 1022,58 Euro (i.e. 2000 DM) to an account at the Sparkasse Ulm. Recipient: Abt&Kneer GbR. Reason for payment: "Picasso96".

Approached by, Jens Schönfeld did not question the authenticity of the mails published by Cloanto, but states that these mails have been "taken out ouf context" to make people "draw wrong conclusions". He didn't want to elaborate any further, stating that both parties' lawyers were currently working on this issue. (cg)

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